December 17, 2006

R, J and C came over last night and I demonstrated chatting on the internet to my guests.

R came over early and watched some sports on TV while I set up my new printer and got my old eMac ready for donation. We ordered some food and then my wife went to sleep. C and J had been out at a free theatre night and then came by here late. I then started chatting on the internet in a yahoo room and displayed the computer screen on the living room TV so they could watch. I explained chatting to them as I chatted.

We then talked about getting J a computer and then they left to catch a last bus.

R and I then worked to get R's accounts straight for his on-line shopping. As he did some of this work himself I finished wrapping up the kids presents in the printer box and must take this to the post office later this morning. I have two more families presents to get ready for the mail this morning.

Posted by petert at December 17, 2006 04:19 AM


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