December 17, 2006

I took off work a little early on Friday.

I was up all night Thursday so I could get more christmas shopping done. I went into work Friday afternoon and was very tired of course. So I booked off one hour early and came home and slept right away. I am working day shifts this coming week so am planning on being up early on Monday. To do this I will sleep about mid day today or early afternoon then wake up in the evening tonight or early Monday morning.

I wrote a promotions exam on Thursday but I don't think I did very well because I woke up only half an hour before the exam and was feeling very bad and groggy at the exam. But the exam writing did not take place in my work hours, but it occured before work on Thursday.

The exam I wrote last month did not pass me in the full statistican category so I have not yet found a better job at my work place. So generally my work exams are not going, as well as, my school exams. This makes me very excited about school and I even threatened to quit work if they don't help me study by making time for me to attend classes.

Posted by petert at December 17, 2006 04:26 AM


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