December 23, 2006

I finally set up the Christmas tree lights at the end of the solstice.

I set up the lights on the tree on Friday night. I note today was I think the last day of the Jewish holiday which I think ended on Friday's sunset. There are many presents now under the tree. I bought even more presents yesterday and may buy even more today. I may start to buy those offices shelves today and have a ride to the local Ikea to do that.

It is safe to tell you a little about my last day at work before the holidays too. Because this day at work on Friday was probably the same as many other worker's day at work yesterday. So you won't know where I work from this post. Basically we got to work in the morning and our team has been switched to the day shift this week. We were not given any work so we mingled around our cubicles and there were parties for workers kids all around the building. I actually did some work but was frowned upon for this. I stopped and got into the spirit. We were told we could go home after being there in the morning and I came home and did more Christmas preparations. I also found out I had been reassigned, as requested, so that I have time for school. This just put my employer up a few notches in the accomodations for education merit points. This means I have a good employer. So I will be on days this winter at work. I have four days off now and will be volunteering a little today and buying those shelves before sleeping at 2:00 PM this afternoon. The shelves are a replacement for some basic utility shelves and this is my mother's idea and I think will add more class to my office and give me more pride of place and home.

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