December 23, 2006

Reading real books and doing virtual scholarship. I am in recovery this morning.

I started some studying for the winter term this morning. The course textbook reviewed my fall term course so I felt good. I looked up something at wikipedia and then edited a page there related to psychiatry. It was good school writing practice. I then read some more recovery literature after a few hours on-line. Speaking of on-line my Second Life creative work is going well. I am starting to cut costs on Second Life as I can not afford to keep up this Linden dollar spending. I am also making some solid contact in Second Life with other computer scientists who probably in this day and age don't consider themselves computer scientists. I also read about iPod and music scenes in a book this morning. I wrapped up a printer for my mother but I only wrapped it up for shipping safely not as a present. The present will be me mailing it to her rather than her having to come and pick it up. Driving is getting difficult for her. I had some help yesterday from a fellow consumer picking up a packge of Christmas cooking my mom sent us. This same consumer is open to driving me to buy shelves today and she owes me a little money for that iBook still. But right now I am happy that I have hung out with two other dual diagnosed consumers this week. I may end up spending too much today and over the boxing day week but I will let whatever happens happen. I do have a budget now for my next pay cheque. I am peacfully reflecting on work this morning and happy I read some real books quietly overnight. I also did some successful plumbing and I have never been taught plumbing and this gives me a little boost to my male and engineering and man ego. Some of this new found handy man stuff is inspired from a feminist carpenter so it just goes to show eh? But this goes back to over spending and buying into lifestyles and images. I have so many different roles and image and they all prompt spending.

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