December 24, 2006

Year end medication and self help group recap.

I am inspired by some of the typical year end journalism to write this entry. I won't say much about our doctor because our doctor did not change this year but we did have to fight an attempted change of my wife's doctor and we won. So we both kept the same doctor and his hospital was renovated this year so he has a new office. We see him about every few months so we don't practice intensive doctor lead therapy ourselves.

My wife does use intensive social worker and psychiatric nurse therapies from her ACT team. They do not help me much as they are really my wife's team not mine. I merely chat with them about consumer run therapy and progress with that and my career when I talk with them. They recently pressured me to clean up the apartment. And that was the main event with the ACT team this year.

Now in terms of medications, neither my wife nor I changed any prescribed meds this year. So we are taking the same psychiatric medications at the end of the year we were taking at the beginning. My wife takes a couple of anti-psychotics, an anti-depressant, some side effect medications, and a thyroid pill. I take only the anti-psychotic risperadol. We both changed vitamins a little with me starting fish oil in the last few months of the year, and otherwise I continue to take 3 grams of niacin a day and 3 grams of vitamin C. My wife tried niacin at about 250 mg a night and then quit due to side effects and this was when she started her radical weight lose program of purging and has lost 100 pounds now. My wife has an active eating disorder.

Now on the self help front my wife continues to see L and use her for support and vis versa. Myself I went from president of a self help group back to recording secretary. I also continued in a paid capacity as a web master for a self help geographic network and landed a new job as a web publisher for a hospital and self-help group partnership project. I also tried to get a job as an executive of the network but did not get the job.

Thus ends our year in psychiatry.

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