December 30, 2006

R needs help with computer drivers today and C and J are coming by tonight.

R called and needs some help installing Windows 2000 drivers for his CD burner. I offered to drop by today and help him. C also called and she and J will drop by tonight to watch TV or play role playing games. Speaking of TV I relaxed last night and watched an episode of Stargate. I have the first three seasons of Stargate on DVD and am almost half way through watching the second season now. R is watching with K his neighbour my first season disks and they are also about half way through the first season.

Another friend who does not have schizophrenia but did recenty quit smoking is taking the old broken futon frame for the wood. He is carpenter and also works in a shop as a manager. I borrow tools from him from time to time and he built me some shelves once. He also helps me drive home wood and other large items from stores. He is a native Canadian and related to some famous historical natives.

Posted by petert at December 30, 2006 12:57 PM


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