December 30, 2006

R, J and C came over tonight. We watched a Dilbert episode then talked mental health care issues.

I was explaining how we don't need ESP or mind control to exist because if we want to know someone's thoughts the best thing to do is to simply ask that person what they are thinking. C shows signs of great intelligence. She knows for instance that the human condition is never stress free. C told us some of her lifes story tonight about how she was hospitalized by a workplace nurse. J has also told me he was hospitalized from his workplace in the cartoon industry.

J argued his anti-med diatribe all night unless he was talking about robots or conspiracies like Sadam not really being dead. But C and J talk well together. They seem a solid couple these days supporting each other. I told C the best way to manage her depression would be to read about medicine. I gave her a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

I bought R a DVD burner for his computer and now must install it for him next weekend. R took home some more of the encyclopedia volumes tonight. He also took a Rand McNally atlas I gave him. He is writing a job test this coming week.

I usually have everyone leave at 11:00 PM. We almost never drink at these gatherings. Certainly I never drink and occassionally R has 1 or 2 beers. C and J are also non-drinkers. C said she would never talk with strangers about her problems and only talks to us about it because we have similar experiences. This is a principle of self help: bonding by similar situations. It is one of the principles behind peer to peer support.

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