December 31, 2006

I really relaxed yesterday and did not go out all day. I am buying a scooter after all.

I usually end up going out shopping on weekends but today shopped from home. I did not buy more electronics and instead thought of something else to shop for. I investigated purchasing a scooter and was approved for the manufacturer's financing. I did this credit application over the phone with a scooter dealer. I have been offered a parking space in the building and went to the basement to have a look today at the parking spot. I let my family know I am planning on doing this and my partner approves of it. I also read more about the model of scooter I am interested in buying. Then I read the drivers hand book from the licensing ministry. I will need to apply for a basic license then get a more advanced license in a year. This will also license me to drive cars. This will be my first photo license. I have only ever been licensed in the past to drive as a learner or to drive a moped. The scooter I am thinking of buying will allow me to drive on most roads but not highways as the scooter is not fast enough for highways. I won't be driving this until the spring. I will have loan payments to make for this purchase.

Posted by petert at December 31, 2006 12:36 AM


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