January 18, 2007

I did more studying over night

I attended my lecture last night and we learned some advanced stuff using basic maths. I came home and tried to sleep. I took my meds at 8:00 PM and lay down by 9:20 PM with my wife. We talked a little and held hands. I could not sleep having woke up yesterday at 9:00 AM. I decided today would be the first day in my new work shift that I would try staying up all night so I would not be late. I also needed some quiet time to read.

I did read over night and got my economics course material organised and did some thinking on the readings. I then played a little Second Life and will play again today after work. Playing after work will be my last task today and it will be in regards some educational work in Second Life. For the past hour I did paid web mastering so I am also caught up on that work. I was to attend a meeting of the peer support project today but it was rescheduled. So after work today I am free to sleep until work on Friday and I don't have to play Second Life it is only an option.

I am just getting ready for work now and am dressed in my work clothes. This means black slacks, warm plaid shirt, clean organic cotton socks, clean underwear. I will now shave and have a coffee and then do some private journalling before I go into work early today.

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