January 19, 2007

R slept today but J and C came by.

Our usual Friday night get together happened. R did not make it. He was sleeping. My new work hours allow me to have Friday's again for social time. I am now back dating this post as I am still up from Friday. Tonight when C and J got here I let them watch TV and they watched Desperate Housewife's and I worked on my computer in the office for about 20 minutes. I also ordered pizza and paid for it. We then watched 20/20 about debiting. I took away from 20/20 a few rules of thumb, like monthly savings should be half one's age equal to the precent saved of one's monthly income. I am short about 400$ of this goal per month. Thus I have a debiting problem.

I loaned C a copy of Here Comes the Sun a book on how to cope with depression. I told her to donate it to the self help group when she is done reading it. Last week I gave her a copy of the St. John's First Aid manual. I am trained in first aid and level C CPR myself. I have been recertified this year. I had an extra copy of the manual which is why I could give C a copy.

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