February 04, 2007

Work has been stressful the past month because I am being late to work.

Because I am late to work somedays I am in trouble at work and this is causing stress. This weekend I am working today but I have managed to relax by building the shelves and cleaning. Also last night I helped M with her computer and got her email working. I also helped a radical worker with his computer problem. I would like to be able to earn more money doing computer work as my own business and not have to work for others. At least that is one possible future for me. Today I am feeling relaxed and managed to solve some mathematics homework just now. I should be ok at work today. I won't get ready for another 5 hours and I am working at 8:00 am today. This is over time work and could spell disaster as I will start today to work for six days in a row.

Posted by petert at February 4, 2007 01:04 AM


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