February 04, 2007

The second set of shelves are up now.

Wow I have a clear floor in parts of the office now. Putting up the third and fourth set of shelves is within easy sight now. But I have to stop building shelves now because it is late at night now and I can not hammer at this time of day because of the noise. This cleaning on Saturday has been very relaxing and a goal fufillment. I have finished putting up the second set of shelves. I have filled these now with math books, science books, computer books and social science books.

I also put one speaker in this shelf. I am having trouble figuring out how to place my five speakers for my office sound system. I have two speakers at either end of the wall in the two shelves. I am thinking I will place the receiver in one of the remaining shelves. I am not quite sure where in terms of the sound system the front of the office will be. I know it depends on where I place my computer desk.

This placement of the computer desk is going to work well now according to my measurements of the wall. I will be able to have all four shelves along the wall with spaces for the two electrical outlets and telephone outlet between the shelves and also be able to have the computer desk sideways into the wall or perpendicular to the wall. The desk will go between one of the shelves and the other three. I now must decide whether I will face the door to the office or the window. If I face the door I will have more room behind me and if I face the window I will be backed up to the closet and may be have a better view but less privacy when people come into the room. But I only need to worry about privacy in term of being distracted from work in the office. By facing the door I will see people right away too and not ignore them as much. Also facing the window only one of the shelves will be right beside me, whereas if I face the door, I have three shelves beside me on the working side of the desk. But either way with the desk perpendicular the rear of the desk will also be accessible. I am just realsing that if I have the desk right between the shelves against the wall, I will be cramped by the shelves on the front line of the desk. So perhaps the desk placement will be away from the wall or even somewhere in the middle of the room. With the desk sideways, the desk and the shelves just fit end to end along the length of the wall. I could also place the drafting table I have in my office flat between the shelves and then free up the window area on the other wall for the computer desk and, in fact, I do need to plan the other side of the office where my clothes dresser is right now. But putting the desk against the window is the way I have worked in the past and I would like to try facing the door and so may be the drafting table will stay against the window. I won't worry about this further tonight and will do more studies now. The office remodeling can wait again until next weekend or the next time I get momentum to do this type of work.

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