May 27, 2007

I stayed up all night and have been completing job applications the past two hours.

I slept at 4:30 PM on Friday until 8:00 PM when C and J came by and we watched some NASA videos and we read books. I then slept from about 12:30 AM Saturday to 10:00 AM. I have been up since then mostly sitting on the couch at the computer. I did get out this morning and bought milk and bread. My partner is going to make some stained glass art work today. I have gotten her some money for this so I am also looking after her needs and wishes. I am going to sleep around 2:00 PM this afternoon. But may instead of the usual long sleeping hours, rest for a few hours now without meds and then wake up for a few hours and go to sleep at say 4:00 PM with meds.

In the last two hours, I have been writing work related applications to apply for more senior jobs that will allow me to grow more. I did forget to do something at work on Friday but I am not sure how much trouble I will be in for this forgetfulness. I am working in my new duties again this coming week so this should be a good week over all. I did now complete one application and I have another two to still write. I also have two other jobs I have applied for last month that have interviews and tests to still complete. So this past week has seen much action on the new job/next job front.

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