May 27, 2007

My partner's spirits told her not to do stained glass today and oh ya it is raining.

My partner was awake when I woke up from my nap at 11:00 AM. She told me the spirits had told her not to go to the stained glass studio today. She instead spent some money on pop, cereal and a chocolate bar for me.

Since waking up I have been studying and installing Debian Linux. I am having some luck this time with Debian. I printed out a copy of my term paper that was the first paper I wrote with other students. I read the paper carefully. I will do some more studies this afternoon.

At present I am very itchy and feel bothered by my dirty glasses and stuff poking me in the side like books on the couch. My beard is also itchy and needs shaving this afternoon. I can not seem to get comfortable. Everything is busy busy. I need more rest and will take my meds now and sleep in a few hours. I think I will venture out on the balcony as I proof read this post.

Posted by petert at May 27, 2007 01:57 PM


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