July 01, 2007

Canada Day is Q day.

The technique that will work for my quitting smoking is I hope a Q day to quit cold turkey. That day is today, and I have not smoked in the last three hours; so I have not smoked today. I am not certain I will achieve my goal but I do hope I never smoke again. This was one psychiatrist's plan for me that I would like to accept. It is also my GP's advise for the mouth cancer.

Every sip of coffee and every use of the phone brings a craving but I am also aided by nicorette gum to chew when I feel a craving. I am just finishing a cup of coffee now and a glass of pepsi, and then will switch to a glass of water and chew a gum piece. Nicorette gum is chewed differently than normal chewing gum

Posted by petert at July 1, 2007 02:56 AM


I have quit smoking many times & haven't smoked for at least two months now. I've found nicotine chewing gum useful. When you get past first three or four days it will probably be easier.

Posted by: Fridtjof at July 1, 2007 08:15 AM

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