July 02, 2007

I helped bag all the paper recycling and my partner took the recycling down stairs.

I woke up and it looked like we were collecting garbage. You may know that this is a symptom of schizophrenia in the medical books. You see I try to lead a green lifestyle. My wife agrees with this. To recycle we have a recycling area in our dinning room where a metal tube frame holds grocery bags i.e. what people call plastic bags here. In each bag we place pop bottles, other plastics and cans. In one of the other three bags we put newspapers and non-sensitive papers. Each day almost my wife takes this downstairs to the recycling room in our apartment building. This is really the garbage room but there are some massive blue bins in there for all the different recycling waste streams. She separates everything and puts everything in its proper blue bin. Our city does not recycle everything, so there are instructions sent in the mail from time to time with the rules for recycling.

This morning when it looked like the recycling was over flowing, I took all the paper and put it all in a large green garbage bag. My wife thanked me when she woke up, and then did the recycling right after she took her morning medications.

I checked the balcony and and it is looking usable now. In fact, my wife sat out there last night to watch Canada day fireworks while I slept. She is fairly sensitive, so if she is comfortable out on the balcony, it is getting better out there.

Posted by petert at July 2, 2007 11:06 AM


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