July 20, 2007

Self esteem and being critical without being insecure.

To be a public speaker one technique is to never say anything offensive or too insulting. This limits criticism and does not allow for much anger in communications. Then when one is angry things flow out too wild, and then someone cautions us and then insecure we retreat with apologies into the shelter again and perhaps loose the critique. I was able yesterday to stick to my guns in calling a doctor a quack on-line and even if chided did not retract my critique and stood my ground.

This also relates to improving self esteem and escaping the negative talk and letting others negative talk us. This helps us become more secure for dealing with the other genders in general and others who we see as weaker and good targets for foolishness. Instead we can think meta thought and see the way we are acting and thus take responsibility for our actions. Which all takes some patience and wisdom. We get these by writing about ourselves.

Posted by petert at July 20, 2007 01:03 AM


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