July 20, 2007

Being patient with thought and focused thought.

I need to be less reactionary and more of a deep thinker. In other words I need to focus. My dad wondered a few years ago why I was studying sociology and other subjects that seem tangential to my degree. I talked to him last night to discuss my grad study plans. We made a decision and planned my fees for the fall term. In fact, my workplace job applications require sociology courses as much as statistics courses. So in the end my course choices were wise. They were guided more by the subjects I study than an overt plan to gain work. Now I need to be patient with my thoughts and readings and flights of fancy and gain focus for work. I have a big event at work today and it is still 8 hours away. I will be sipping some refreshments and settling into an audience chair exactly 8 hours from now. I won't say what but my boss helped the company invest in me by allowing me to attend this important event today. In fact it is highly related to gender studies and I will review some books in preparation.

I will also focus a little over night now on studying for job application exams that are coming up for me.

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