September 16, 2007

Our neighbourhood is gentrifying and I tried to enjoy it yesterday.

A theatre company that I worked at when younger has moved to a newly built theatre up the street. They moved about ten blocks from their old location to a new building. I went in today and got the play schedule and season pass prices. I will not be able to afford these theatre shows. I also went to a book store and bought myself a ticket to hear a famous author read from his new book. This is next weekend. He will sign his new book too so I need to save some 40$ for the book next weekend.

I also went out and joined some strangers holding a cyberspace reunion and chatted with them a bit. I did not know them but used to use the system that brought them together and we know some local internet organizers in common. One of the persons I met this evening who organized the get together works at a local computer shop and brought along some shirts and jackets from the shop and gave them to me. I gave one of these strangers a telephone RJ-11 retractable cable. I did not stay long and came home richer both for the experience and with some free dudes.

I did not shop at the electronics store today. I did put something on hold at the camping store for Monday. I also put some books on hold in our neighbourhood bookstore. Two of the books are for kids in my family, one book is for my mother and then one book is a long and heavy British history book that is on sale. Total cost for these books would be 100$. The camping store item is 50$. I am also now wheeling and dealing land in Second Life. I have now done one move of my little Second Life avatars home. I am almost done this move and just need to complete two more land sale transactions to finish the move.

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