October 28, 2007

My mark for my mid-term is already on the course internal web page.

Wow school has changed. I will miss class this week when in the past it would be traditional to learn my mid-term mark. Instead these days we receive our marks by accessing the school's web pages. I did this and found I scored very high after all. This is a simple course although if you don't know mathematics it might not be simple to you. I guess I am just some math person in the end.

I have an assignment due in about a week and a half. I am going to a conference out of town this coming week and have the days off work to attend. I will visit family and see some old friends in another city. These were my friends when I was first psychotic in the late 1970's. They are also academic people in a way. One of them has professors as parents both his mother and his father. The other person studied music and although not a present scholar does own a specialist bookshop. He finally bought the bookstore after working there for years. The store is a psychiatrist's bookshop, in fact. I think much of that is mumbo jumbo stuff and not all of it really practical or valid.

I am off work today just heading out to buy some children's software for some young women I know.

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