October 28, 2007

I was up all night on Friday into the late afternoon Saturday and was babbling on the street to friends.

Well I wasn't babbling to strangers but I did talk to some other consumer survivors and a union member and may not have made a lot of sense. I attended a book fair with my wife who stayed and sold books she has written. The consumer I met on the street on the way home bought me a coffee but he was talking fast too and kept showing me posters for events and newspaper pages. I told him to stop that I could not take it all in but he did not listen. I came home arranged some volunteering stuff happening over the weekend. I can't give details because it involves law enforcement volunteering. Anyway I slept until 5:00 AM this morning. In the wee hours of Saturday morning I was doing web mastering obsessively and have a very nice web site now. I studied a little today and will study more today and then tomorrow it is off to work. Work tomorrow will be 9 hours long and again that long on Tuesday to make up for leaving early for my mid-term. But then I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off for our trip.

I am finally going out to buy some children's software now and may buy a new computer monitor too. I like this store because they have a basically no questions asked return policy. So as long as I keep the product in perfect shape with all the bags, boxes and manuals, etc., they take it back for a full refund. So I am buying monitor today to test with a computer I have then if it does not work I will return it. I am also returning an over priced memory card for one of my cameras. I may return the camera too but I have a week or more to do that still.

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