November 09, 2007

I am doing well at work.

I will just write about how work is for someone with schizophrenia here today. My new boss gives me lectures mixed with praise so it is hard to figure out at any one time how I am doing in terms of feelings. This affects my mood through out the day. I think normal people also have this happening at work. But as someone with schizophrenia locked out of the working world for years this is something I still must learn about and find ways to cope with this workplace reality. I am sure there are trained vocational workers who help us with this in their programs but for me I am mostly on my own. I did talk to my psychiatrist about work this past week giving him both the positive and negative pictures of my present working life. Work ended today with my boss who is a serious senior executive and myself chatting a little about computers. So I left work in a very up mood.

Posted by petert at November 9, 2007 07:11 PM


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