November 23, 2007

Well today is buy nothing day but I am buying two CD's.

Today is buy nothing day but I am going to buy two CD's. I will though hold off on buying the stereo speakers for one day. I should really think about that first before diving in. I will go to the store early this evening and pick up the CD's and just look at the stereo's.

Speaking of shopping and debit I decided to cut up one credit card this morning. This is the Ikea card. I would like to lower this card and two other cards in 2008.

Posted by petert at November 23, 2007 06:16 AM


This was my day. I tried to pawn my ring of old to get cash for my
hubby. He is needing it for a cab tomorrow.

I changed my mind, but at the last minute my sister gave me money for
xmas. What a blessing.

then later at home we fought.

Here are my feelings:

They won1 – Dec 4, 2007
So far I’ve been the one, more mature
Despite all the criticism I endure

People like to call other people names and act like Pr__k,
You’re paranoid, your lazy, you’re not really sick

You put up things only college kids like to hang
In fact I think you’re really deranged

I only want pricey things, hung on the wall
Who cares if the sayings give you much gall?

Who cares if the sayings keep you alive?
Who cares if the sayings help you survive?

I want things the way I want them, just tough to you
He has no idea, I live in a zoo

Of sounds rolling in
Not just one or two
But loads of them, loads of them
It’s not really true

I’m not okay, I’m not all right
I’m living every day and night
In a zoo meant for mice and now I wonder
What kind of torment, they are under

I try my best every day to go on, and then he decides to pull a tantrum

I asked to hang something, positive in nature
And he blew a fuse, I thought he was going to blow a stature

I fight with my body
That gets sick a lot
It’s not only the noises
I hate the plot

The voices say things only crude can enjoy
The voices say things, I know is a ploy

To get up my gander, my temper, my tear
They won this time, which is always my fear.

Posted by: Brenda at December 5, 2007 12:28 AM

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