November 25, 2007

That stereo

My wife doesn't want a new stereo. I took some stuff back to the electronics store this past evening. It was more computer parts that I took back I did not think much about the stereo again. I have though the past five years spent a lot and I mean a lot of time surfing store web sites. I am up from Saturday. I went to the electronics store after surfing their web site the past two evenings. This is becoming stereotypical behaviour if you know what that means in the schizophrenia model. I do this every weekend these days. Mind you it is a consumer society and I demand that I feel alright with whatever I do and be myself, not some pawn of others. If I choose to consume electronics that is what I do. Feeling should be saved for people and they should be sane feelings. What ever that means to you. I am not going to feel bad just because, I am into spending, or I don't look like people in the movies, or don't work as a starship captain or spy. I won't define myself by my work that is one New Year's resolution. I have always resisted being labeled even before I was labeled schizophrenic. I grew up when labeling theory was popular and thus I am affected by that intellectual current. I also resist others having power over me. That is my simple anarchism praxis. Believe me this is part of the free walk out of schizophrenia and into the library. That reminds me I need to renew books for the winter term. Notice that last sentence I am also trying to walk out of my own idealistic babble.

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