December 04, 2007

I scored perfect on some homework but am procrastinating this morning.

I am able to admit that I should be working on school work and not reading the news and updating blogs. But my term project is almost done and I am just putting some final edits in to our project report. We will meet this evening to finalise our project. We all did a task and our project is now done. So I now have a little experience working with C# a new programming language. I also plan with the other students to open source our method and add to the GNU collection of math routines and am in touch with GNU people about this. I will need to rewrite the code into C.

I got my mark for last week's homework and scored perfect a 100% so I am really doing well this term with a possible and likely A+ mark once again. Believe me it was not always this way. I have had years at school with all F's before. So the lesson is stay in school and keep trying. My friend R for instance just dropped out of his school because it was too much for him and he got behind missing some classes.

Posted by petert at December 4, 2007 03:46 AM


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