December 04, 2007

I just took my vitamins and am geting ready for work.

I just took 1 gram of vitamin C and 1 gram of niacin. I also took one capsule of fish oil actually wild salmon oil.

I have only my school project editing to do this morning before work. I am dressed for work and might shave a little. I want to go in an hour early again this morning. I am expecting an email at work telling me if I have been hired permanently in the government. You may know this is an important job historically in many countries and will be significant in my life too.

I just ran to the bedroom to shut off my bedside clock radio alarm that was going off. I have been up actually since about midnight or 1:00 AM. I went to sleep at about 6:00 PM last night. I got off work and took my meds early yesterday and grew tired with all the snowy weather. So I did not sleep a full 8 hours but am feeling fairly rested if a little sluggish. I will be able to work over time today if I need to. Besides waiting to hear back about a job at my present workplace I have also been short listed for a job as an analyst of air pollution for our health ministry. One of my coworkers is already there now in the health ministry. She is back at her old job there now.

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