December 09, 2007

Christmas shopping blues.

Actually it was because I was hungry and tired that I did not enjoy our first shopping trip of the season today. I was over heated in the store wearing my parka, new fleece jacket, and down vest. But really we had almost no food and I had been up since 11:00 PM last night. So when we went shopping mid day I was in terrible shape. We got home with a lot of presents including a new sweater for my wife. Yes, I saw up close the large women's section of the store for probably the first time. We also bought nuts and short bread at that large downtown department store.

I then was well fed by my wife and went out to buy some food. I had a good second shopping trip. After buying food I continued shopping on my own now. I took a bus way out to the suburbs to buy some computer parts and studied on the bus the whole way there and back. I am slightly tired manic now but should sleep in about half an hour. I just have the last trip to the corner store for pop and I will crash out and sleep. Hopefully I wake up really early tomorrow like 4:00 AM ready for a long day at work. Then after work we have our self help group Christmas party dinner. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off of work.

Posted by petert at December 9, 2007 07:02 PM


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