December 10, 2007

Self help Christmas dinner.

The big event on our self help group's calendar is this party in half an hour. The annual Christmas dinner is attended by almost every member. Members even show up for this event only all year. We are about to leave for the dinner but will be slightly late. We are only one bus ride away from the dinner.

After the dinner we are going to the department store again for more Christmas shopping.

I have tomorrow off of work and am taking the cat to the vet. I also have Wednesday off. Things were slow at work today but I worked hard and helped solve some problems my boss was having. I also studied some material for new employees in the government and have a course later this winter to teach me more about being a public servant.

I am just posting this then checking the bus schedule and it is off to the dinner and shopping with my wife. My wife just returned from the grocery store with lots of food and our Turkey dinner stuff for our friends dinner with C, J, R, and L later this month.

Posted by petert at December 10, 2007 04:33 PM


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