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January 5, 2008

Been Gone

sorry for not keeping up my wife was in the hospital she is alright though she is bipolar and had to get her meds in order and was gone for 2 weeks

stress is a killer for me so i am fighting to keep my head above water so to speak without haldol horrid drug for me

i myself was just coming back to reality when all this happened i thought people driving next to me on the highway were going to start shooting and all very bad things happen


January 5, 2008


I hope you are doing well, that everything is allright with you and your wife and daughter. I became interested in you and your story (and your writing) while searching around doing research on a story i've been working on for two years. The story has had many different versions and i've built it up and teared it down many different times. Right now I've only got the first sentence - "Things were always different between my father and his real son, my half-brother, Gordon." That's it... But the story goes on from there, and it involves... well, it's an involved story that i'd be happy to share with you. but mainly, bower, i'm interested in seeing if you would be interested in being an advisor to this story that i'm working on... there is an involved connection with schizophrenia, which i would be happy to explain if we are able to get in touch. hope to hear back from you, and if not i hope that all's well with you and i will continue to follow your blog.

greg davis

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