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December 13, 2007


Now that I have been on my meds for awhile I can look back and see how my behaviors in a lot of situations should have been a warning sign.

I would constantly make my husband uncomfortable in public, especially in grocery stores. I would confront everyone that made me mad. Wheather they were in my way or if I thought they looked at me wrong or if I thought they were too close to me. I would say things like "Do you have a problem?" or "Excuse Me!" Sometimes I would just move fastly with my grocery cart and if they didn't move they would get hit.

One time I had bought sausage. My daughter loves sausage sandwhiches so I would fix her one before school every morning. That week she had gotten sick everyday. I fianlly figured out and checked the date on the sausage and it was expired by over a month! I told my husband to take me to the store. He let me go in by myself. I went to the meat dept. and checked the dates on the sausage and sure enough they were expired. I continued to pull 30 ponds of sausage off the shelf and put it in my cart. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I was so mad. The employees started to move toward me and I remember feeling threatened. I was yelling and telling them about the sausage and then one of the young men that worked there said "It's your responsibility to check the dates." At that moment I had such an anger inside me that I raised my hands and hit him at leat three times in the face. After I did that I just knew I was in big trouble. I fled the store as fast as I could and yelled for my husband to start the car. We did get away.

December 13, 2007

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