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November 30, 2007

3D Simulated Experience of Schizophrenia

I've found a video on ABC's website, which I think does a decent job of giving people who don't suffer from schizophrenia a look into what those of us that do suffer from it experience. The video is a 3D simulation that mainly focuses on the hallucination symptoms of the disorder and the whole experience provides visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) and olfactory (smelling) examples.

You'll have to bear through a few seconds of advertisements to watch this video, but it is pretty interesting. Apparently, the drug company Janssen has developed this 3D simulation experience for police and mental health care workers, to give them some idea of what schizophrenia is like. The goal is that by watching this video, police and mental health care workers will have a better understanding of how to help people with schizophrenia in real life situations.

I think it would be pretty cool if every city could have one of these contraptions to train people with, because I think it would be somewhat effective in sensitizing people to what it might be like to have schizophrenia.

I know I have personally been in situations where mental health workers and the police have been completely baffled about what was going on with me and how to properly help me, because I was acting so oddly.

What would really be awesome would be if they had this thing outside a grocery store or something so everyone could try it out. Now THAT would really increase awareness about schizophrenia in a BIG way!!!

To Watch the Video on ABC's Site--Enjoy!
Learn More About Janssen's Creation of the Simulation

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