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November 22, 2007


Being disabled I have a few hobbies I'm very active in. One is music where I play Piano and Guitar. The other are computer games. Computer games are fun and when you throw in the element of people you get multiplayer games which add to the fun. Depending on the game there is the element of chat while playing or in a lobby waiting for a game to play. Due to the expanding speed of the internet it is possible to play someone in the UK while you live in the USA (this was virtually impossible 5 years ago due to home speeds). The whole world is getting connected together and the speed of home internet is getting faster. In all, people are able to play computer games together from all parts of the world. But this lends to arguments about The War the USA is in while other countries sit there and do nothing. This also lends the ability for those who are at home on their computer that have little grasp of what it means to be brave to make potshot comments about the USA. This all happens on the gaming network and tears the community apart.


I tried to address the issue with a few people on, a gaming community for the Supreme Commander game(s). Of course there are those who criticize us Americans for being lazy, fat, greedy and such. While this is not true and cannot be proven it is basically cowards that say things like so. While I am overweight due to meds I know I am worth something. If people had this idea in their minds they would be less likely to injure with words or weapon but until this is realized by a person there is hardly any hope.

The internet lends itself to being a great resource while also catering to Cowardism, a symptom of a lacking heart.

November 22, 2007

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