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November 30, 2007

Do Owls Have Roosts?

Hmmmm, just thought about this one. Do they nest or rent trees?

I had a med change. I took my nighttime at morning, missed part of my nighttime before, wound up VERY upset and frustrated! I thought God was on me, attacking me. Far from the Truth...

One of the biggest things I've been trying to figure out is when my illness stops and life begins. This blog has helped me sort things out and express my findings. Rule #1: Don't change your medicine regimen without talking to your doctor and/or nurse! They will and can explain why you feel the way you do; disorder!

One of the best skills needed to be developed by a mental health consumer is realizing what your illness does. Not how it works but rather how to recognize when your feelings are true and whether you're under psychosis or mood swing. I have found for myself that realizing what exactly you are feeling is not reality. In fact feelings are not real by themselves, they are a reaction from a thought or a fact being real. How you feel is exactly tied in with a fact or thought and not from a feeling in itself. Here's an example: "Feeling worthless." Is that fact or a generated feeling?

Grounding yourself in your surroundings will kill any feeling, try not to think of anything but what you are doing: driving, smoking, talking to a friend, reading (actually passive), cooking, or nothing at all.

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November 30, 2007

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