January 10, 2004

Home Pictures

Me with prayer flags.JPG

This is me in the very lower left corner, sitting in my command central recliner, in front of my maps and Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags on the window.

Protected Bedroom.JPG

This is my bedroom, papered with tinfoil and a metal blanket so I can have some privacy.

Command Central.JPG

Another view of command central without me in it. This is the usual state of disarray, though occasionally it gets cleaned up!

Dolly the Llama.JPG

Dolly the Lllama is made of junk I found in my 2 room apartment, mostly a large mailing tube, a TV table (for the legs!) and bubble wrap, all covered in paper mache. The painting is not yet finished, being an attempt to copy Huichol string paintings until my energy, manic as it was, gave out.

Eemie the Cat.JPG

Eemie, the cat and my roomie


A triptych I'm making out of gold leaf for my twin sister, who just converted to Catholicism.

Joe C 2004.JPG

My friend, Joe, who will hate me for putting his picture up here...

And that's it for blog entry #10, which endeth right here.

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