July 04, 2004

Notice to Readers

I hope to continue adding to my blog in the coming weeks and months, but I did want to notify readers (lest they worry) that 1) due to an active case of neurological Lyme disease, which so far has been unresponsive to antibiotics, even when taken in a protocol that necessitates 3 different AB's simultaneously, including a weekly IM injection of hard-to-find Bicillin, and 2) because my sister and I are hard at work with our editor at St Martin's Press revising and editing our book manuscript, which we hope will be finished in a month or so (all things being equal and proceeding on schedule without unforeseen delays) I may be "silent" for longer periods than I would like.

I will do my very best to keep up with entries here, but since my stamina is not very good, and my first priority, besides my health, is the book, I do want to warn you guys that I might not write for a while. I do intend to continue here, but I might have to allow myself a hiatus until the end of August in order to deal with these other matters without getting completely overwhelmed.

I hope you will continue to check my blog site for new additions, in case I do have the time to write, but in case I don't until September, rest assured that, as a certain body-building actor-turned-governor is famed for saying: I'll be back!

Thanks to each and every one of you who reads WagBLOG!

Posted by pamwagg at July 4, 2004 07:32 AM | TrackBack


Good luck and best wishes..And many thanks for letting us into your head. My brother is still struggling so much and doesn't share what he feels or how the illness impacts him.We only see it from the outside. Thanks for sharing what others cannot..You are helping people to open their eyes to schizophenia as an illness.God bless

Posted by: barb at July 5, 2004 10:27 AM

Dear Pam,
I applaud your priorities. They certainly make sense to me. You also must conserve your creative energies. You cannot afford to please all of the people all of the time. Please yourself for a change. You surely deserve to exercise that right. I'm with you all the way.

Posted by: Paula Kirkpatrick at July 5, 2004 12:43 AM

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