July 28, 2004

Updated Political Ditty


By Pamela Spiro Wagner (

Your father, George W, said he stood for
All those thousands of pinpoints of light
As his son you incessantly prosecute war
Do you think that your star shines so bright?

If you wanted, George Junior, to do anything
You could end world famine and hunger
Yet the rich you make richer than Croesus the king
And the poor will not take it much longer

Your invading campaigns haven�t made Iraq healthy
To the Afghans you�ve only brought grief
You�ve stolen from poor peoples, made your friends wealthy
Which seem like the acts of a thief.

Your Homeland Security program�s a bust
For we don�t feel a bit more secure.
Pre-emptive war, torture, do not induce trust
While The Patriot Act is manure.

You�re the president, George, though you weren�t a fair winner
You�ve said you�re a good man and true
You claim you�re reformed and no longer a sinner
Doing only what Jesus would do.

But ask Him, whenever you talk to your Father
Just how one can tell wrong from right
It isn�t that hard (we suspect you don�t bother),
Preferring your power and might.

Your own bit of shine has grown dimmer and dimmer
Till you can�t see the woods for the trees
It barely glows now, all that�s left is a glimmer
But your conscience is clear and at ease.
Isn�t that what you said by decrees?
Those ag�in you are all enemies?
Stand with Jesus and do as you please!

The people, George, know that you�re not a good man,
that the White House deserves a new resident,
So in this year�s elections we�ll do all we can
To vote someone else in as president.

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