August 05, 2004

About Book Progress

Well, my sister and I are just about finished with the edits on our book, which will most likely not be be called SOLO FOR TWO after all, but some other name that we and the editors finally agree on. If anyone has any ideas for a title, feel free to share them. I need all the brainstorming people can do!

I don't know how the book will be received, though I understand that people (meaning you guys) are enthusiastic pre-publication. I worry, though, as I always do, that it won't live up to expectations, that it won't help anyone at all, not families, not friends, not even my "colleagues" so to speak, that it will seem no more than an exercise in self-indulgence. That, of course, is not our intent, but you never know how a piece of writing will affect, or not affect (my biggest fear), the reader.

Self-doubt as always assails me. I have to keep telling myself we are doing the best we can do, and that is ALL we can do.

In the end, it may be more of a crap shoot than any writer wants but must live with. Key, of course, is publicity, which the publisher is responsible for. And if they aren't enthusiastic enough to push the book, then it's sunk. Hey, here's an idea: maybe you could all go to B + N, once we have the title, and rave about this "wonderful, terrific book" that's coming out and how you can't wait for it appear in the store!!! No, I'm just joking. But so many books that are perfectly good, even wonderful, fail because of improper placement on the store shelves or not enough enthusiasm and publicity on the part of the publishing house...Or so I hear and have read in my many books on writing and "the business."

Just sharing some late-date anxiety. Hope you don't mind!

PS For those of your experiencing excessive weight gain on Zyprexa, I wanted to tell you that I switched a few months ago to Geodon 80mg three times a day and recently added Haldol 5mg twice a day and I must say these two together seem to be just as, perhaps more effective than the Zyprexa I so hated. That plus I've lost a good 55-60 pounds just getting off that hated drug! This has been my experience, but if it helps anyone else to know there is another helpful regimen, that is my purpose in sharing this little tidbit of info.

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Dear Pam,
Your candid revelations about your fears concerning the success of the book upon which you and Lynnie have shed much "blood, sweat, and tears" is so representative of your personality. You are honest and forthright about everything, be it tragic or joyful. I cannot predict whether or not your book will fly or flop. I do know, however, that based on what I have read thus far, I shall probably be the first B+N customer to purchase what I believe to be one of the most fascinating pieces of nonfiction I've read in a very long time. There's one sale! xxooPaula

Posted by: Paula Kirkpatrick at August 6, 2004 11:11 PM

I'll pray that ur book is well recieved and helps others. So now u need not fear anything;) My prayers are powerful...just believe that whatever happens will happen for the good. that should keep you going. best of luck! keep rocking. love ya. puzli

Posted by: puzli at August 5, 2004 09:34 AM

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