August 31, 2004

And yet another

Love Is Nowhere but Here

I cannot love but continently
west through all the space
that joins the hot stove
of sun we float inside
like leaves relieved of summer green.

Plato�s love
wanted the caress of real
hands, tongue, lips
fingering her hair and whispering
how soft.

I am not woman
of anyone�s past passion,
willingly taken or given back
soul changed, enlarged.

Fear is the pride in my long bones.
My flesh does not ache.
Only my eyes yearn
for the shadow of his deepening words.

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Posted by: Daniel Scott West at September 3, 2004 12:28 PM

I am resolute in my belief that your ability to write a heart stopping poem is growing in such leaps and bounds that I suspect that your Muse has dedicated herself to only you. It was that knowledge, that I sensed over a year ago, that made me put down my pen because "pedestrian" (last reference to that ugly word) wannabe poets like myself, who truly value fine poetry, are humbled by a gift such as yours. How fortunate I am to be able to read, reflect upon, and appreciate how remarkable you are, Pamela Spiro Wagner. If our dear friend Mr. Frost were still with us, you'd give him a run for his money with this one. You know that I seek never to flatter you, but to express my candid opinion. I feel that rather than BEING a poet, I am better suited to offer literary criticism, a craft which I practiced for 28 years. In conclusion, in my opinion, this poem weaves a spell that urges me to read and reread it. Salinger's Seymour would love it. I rest my case. A+ on this one I say, regressing to my ET mode. You have perked me. As you know, this is not something that just anyone can do. Your Pea Pod Pal

Posted by: Paula Kirkpatrick at August 31, 2004 10:48 AM

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