May 15, 2005

Befriending a spider

You can interpret this entry metaphorically or read it for what it is:

I am trying to befriend a spider that traveled, so I believe, in on a pants leg from Dinosaur Park and has taken up precarious residence in my apartment.

At first it was a matter of not simply reaching out instinctively with an Ugh and squashing it, but of gently flicking it away to where, out of sight being out of mind, it blended in better with the rug fiber and could not be seen.

Next, it was the deliberate -- and I say deliberate because it was scary, took effort and fortitude -- attempt to look it in the face, to actually stare at it long enough to see it had a pale salmon-colored body with dark horizontal bars and black-tipped legs.

And finally there was the genuine, if still somewhat mixed, pleasure when she (do he-spiders build webs or do anything much at all?) started spinning a web between my lamp and my bulletin board! Alas, I am not an experienced spider-watcher and so I forgot that I might frighten her if I moved my teacup away from the hub of all her orb-building activity (being unwilling at the time to sacrifice it to her endeavors) and so I scared her and she scurried away under the staper in fright.

I spent long minutes then looking up spiders in my Insects books to find out what sort of creature I was housing, only to discover that spiders ain't insects are all, they're arachnids, as any fool can tell you and while I was reading up on my unnamed friend she, or he, scurried away to places unseen.

Posted by pamwagg at May 15, 2005 06:49 AM


Pam,my nature loving friend,

Your arachnid's immediate nesting behavior is surely indicative of his/her recognition of being in the presence of a kindred spirit. Of interest to me also is that you accepted the creature's physical reality without question.(Notice that lately I have been hitting you hard with reality in preparation for the significant realities which will soon begin to manifest themselves in activites related to the publishing of your book. (But I digress.) In any case, I truly doubt that your new pal has packed and boarded a plane for parts unknown. I think Niddy(I've named the creature-this he/she rhetoric bores me to tears) is just going to observe for a while, discover you are indeed as safe as her first impressions led her to believe, and soon your apartment will be festooned with webs of arachnoid artistry. She couldn't have picked a better spot to settle, but please, don't dress her in beige. That is our color.
With twinkling eyes, Pesky

Posted by: Paula Kirkpatrick at May 15, 2005 02:28 PM

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