June 28, 2005

Another Update

Hi all,

I continue to do extremely well. Book is due to be published in a couple of weeks, and review copies sent out. It will be on bookstore shelves as of Aug 24 if all goes according to schedule. We have some local readings scheduled and our publicist is working on more national coverage.

As for what I'm doing, well, I've written 2 poems recently; I'm reading for the second time a great book written by a friend of mine, Rose Weitz on women and their attitude towards their hair, RAPUNZEL'S DAUGHTERS: WHAT WOMENS HAIR TELLS US ABOUT WOMEN'S LIVES. It is a good read and covers everything from the history of hair and hair care (it used to be that people washed thier hair less than once a month; in Marie Antoinette's day, hair had become such a production that it often had to be sculpted and kept in place for several weeks, without washing or even combing, necessitating use of 'head-scratchers') to how various ethnic groups use their hair to attract men. I think it is a terrific book, and it should still be available through Amazon.

Another friend wrote a book of poetry that I'm reading that I also highly recommend. It's called GLOSSOLALIA and the author is Leonard Cirino. If you enjoy really good poetry, not just junky rhyming stuff, you'll find this book worth purchasing and reading several times over. One thing I can tell you, I think, since the author makes no secret of it, is that he's been where we are, done what we have done, and though he has been well for a long time, writes incredible poems about his own dark days, which were dark indeed. The book, and others Leonard has written, can be bought from Pygmy Forest Press, 685 Ninth St Springfield OR 97477 tel 541-345-9635 and it costs just $15. If you like really good poetry in general, checkout their website:

Then, I'm also reading a book, an historical novel, called MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS AND THE ISLES by Margaret George. It's not so well written, but you learn a lot of history, which I find otherwise really hard to read, painlessly!

Other than reading and writing, I've been taking the stairs when I can, some days doing as many as 50 flights of stairs both up and down, each flight being 15 steps. My minimum is 20 flights, unless I take a 3 miles walk, when I allow myself to use the elevator...

I rarely go out, and almost never drive, and I've given up riding my bike as my balance is just too awful. But I'm sane and happy and productive, and who could ask for more than that (except to need fewer meds to accomplish that?) Actually, I don't feel I NEED the meds, I just figure, they don't harm me, and I'm now addicted to them, so I can't actually stop them abruptly, so why not just take them to placate the doctor and nurses who give them to me?

Enough for now. THanks for listening.

Posted by pamwagg at June 28, 2005 04:49 PM


Dear Pam,
Before I launch into my comment on your blog, I simply MUST remind you of something that is near and dear to both of our hearts. You DO NEED THE MEDS. For you to even suggest otherwise is a straight path to the bin. Placate the medical personel all you please. You are doing so well, Pammy. Please don't let history repeat itself.
Thank you for all the great reading suggestions. I'm always in the market for something to capture my interest, and your choices have qualities that sound very appealing to me. Keep on being healthy and productive. I'm with you every step of the way.
Love, Paula

Posted by: Paula Kirkpatrick at June 28, 2005 10:25 PM

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