September 30, 2006

Come visit me at home!

I thought you might like to "visit" me and see my humble abode and hear about where I live, so here are some pictures and a little tour. In the first picture above (going from the bottom upwards, you come in through my very short front hall and walk into the living room/study. This is the left "living" side of the room. Command central is the big green recliner, from which I direct all household activities, including the cat, Eemie, who is usually in it with me, but at the moment the picture was taken was snoozing on the big stuffed red chair in the opposite corner. The laptop is open to the title page of my poetry book manuscript, "THE PRAYERS OF THE MATHEMATICIAN."

The next picture, above it, is the right side of the room and obviously the "study" half, though the division is somewhat arbitrary because I use both sides for both purposes and others as well. Note the sewing machine on the left under the window, as one non-study function of the room. THe books are only a small portion of what I have and those are only a quarter of the books I used to have before I did a general purge and got rid of 400 volumes, which I gave to the local library for their annual booksale. I miss them all, naturally. I needed every one of them the day after I gave them away! But I have survived their disappearance, and lo and behold my library is slowly growing once again. The white-gray box with the big black rectangular lock on the white-legged table is a sentry box, in which the visited nurses keep all my meds locked up until they come in the morning and evening. My old agency used a combination lock, which I could pick, and klnew how, but the sentry box is absolutely "un-get-into-able." Not that I have or had any need or wish to, mind you, but it was interesting to know that I could...

Posted by pamwagg at September 30, 2006 09:25 PM


Thank you, Pam! I loved the virtual tour and peered hard at Eemie comfortably snoozing, as I was dying for a better look at him. Someday you will have to post a picture of just him--Eemie is a he, right?


Posted by: Cynthia at October 1, 2006 10:40 PM

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