October 16, 2006

Update on Joe

Joe and Kay went up to the Clinic yesterday. I wanted to go with them, and take the bus back home tonight (I couldn't stay over, due to a speaking engagement on Tuesday and Wednesday) but when I ran the idea past Kay, she said she would call around to see about bus schedules then immediately ran to Joe to complain! Joe called me to tell me it couldn't be done, they'd already loooked into it. I don't know what her problem is...If she knew it would be impossible for me to travel by bus, she ought to have said so, but to go to Joe and tell him to tell me not to come is pretty low down, especially when Joe actually would have liked me to come along, had it not been for Kay's objections.

IN any event, they left yesterday and stayed overnight at the Marriott next door to the hospital, where Joe checked in this morning, thinking they would put the PEG in today. Instead all they did was pass an NG tube down his nose and into his stomach in preparation for his swallowing barium tomorrow, when the PEG operation will actually be done, under local anesthesia and a light sedative, not general, which is too dangerous given Joe's respiratory status. In a sense it isn't a PEG after all, since the endoscope will not be used to place the feeding tube. But since the result is the same, and the tube placed is the same, I guess they still call it a PEG.

Although Joe will probably be discharged from the CLinic hospital tomorrow afternoon, he and Kay will stay over at the Marriott one more night just to watch for any signs of infection or adverse reactions, before starting home on Wednesday. If all goes well, we should all be returning to Connecticut around the same time.

Posted by pamwagg at October 16, 2006 09:16 PM


Dear Pam,

Welcome home! Now you can get back to your own rhythms. Let us know how the speaking engagements went. Did you enjoy the attention or did it stress you out? I think you're great and I hope someday to hear you speak at another reading or lecture. Do you realize that your blog has been going so well because you've been writing regularly for what seems like a couple of months? I think that's a very good sign. Keep up the excellent work!

Kate :>D

Posted by: Kate K. at October 18, 2006 06:13 PM

Hope all goes well with Joe. I'm looking forward to tomorrow at the Huntington Town House!!! Can't wait to meet you! Sue M.

Posted by: sue marasciulo at October 17, 2006 07:33 PM

Hi Pam,
It was great to meet you on Saturday, and see Carolyn again (that is how I knew her 4 years ago) and meet Sal and meet Joe also. I told Joe a lot of people are interested in how he is doing and will be praying for him this week. He said thank you. One time in our conversation he also said with a smile, "Don't worry about me. I'll be OK." He was clear he appreciated that others are thinking about him. He is such a sweet guy. I get frustrated with life not being fair sometimes. He is an incredible example of someone staying positive.
That NAMI-CT conference was great. There was a morning session with someone from the Institute of Living (IOL), associated with Hartford Hospital. I don't remember his name. He gave a fascinating presentation about how unique everyone's DNA is and how the IOL is doing DNA typing to be able to see whether a patient will be able to metabolize a certain medicine or not (and be able to tell if the person will have major side effects or not). I wonder if you have heard anything about the IOL.
I am out of time for now. I will talk again. I hope to see you again sometime. I am definitely praying for Joe (and you too).

Posted by: Stuart at October 17, 2006 09:59 AM

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