October 28, 2006

Volunteer wanted

Who wants to be a poet? I have a proposal: if someone wants to answer those 6 questions , that is by e-mailing me at and is willing to go public, I will work with that person by e-mail, and in my blog, to write a poem and show how it can be done. In the end, you will see not that I can write a poem, we already know that, but that in essence, anyone can. Anyone brave enough to take the challenge? I assure you I am NOT at all critical, but very positive and constructive and encouraging when I show someone how to write, so please do not worry about your ego being trampled on. Whoever wants to do it, send me your 6 lines and I'll pick someone if there is more than one response, probably at random since I don't know how else to choose! BD Remember, write about a concrete incident, with colorful details and sensory appeal. Details, details, details! You may not use them all, but you can't start with too many. One sentence per question though, one sentence only, though it can be as long as you like. Now, go ahead and write!

Posted by pamwagg at October 28, 2006 08:21 PM


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