January 07, 2007

Reminder of Other Readers' Blogs

A M wants to remind people to visit her site. In an e-mail to me she writes: The blog is titled Light Out of Darkness . It is about living with manic depression and its consequences and trying to write through the pressures of rapidly changing moods and thoughts.

In an early entry, A wrote: This journey is about illness. Illness as a narrative, illness as identity, and re-creating one's life of health and wellness all the while faced with long-term illness of popping a pill everyday. I am a diagnosed manic depressive. The beginning happened with a mental breakdown in college in 1996. I spent two years in and out of the psyche ward and elite mental hospitals, on and off an array of medications, and in and out of college. I eventually graduated with a degree in journalism/english and landed my first job at a small newspaper in my home state...

About Kate K's blog, Yin and Yang, she writes: Morality is a key stance of the I Ching. And truthfulness is the basis for every virtue. What troubles we encounter are just a part of the learning process and can be directed towards the good in every instance if one is willing and respectful. The I Ching gives a dynamic base from which to deepen one's faith in the greater good, in oneself and others. It requires a lot but also gives a great deal.

Though I 've studied the I Ching on and off for several years, I am only now beginning a serious study of it and this is part of what I want to write about in this blog. And Yin and Yang as the principle of duality seems to be a good jumping off point for a whole range of topics.

Yayaknitting's blog Mindadvocate at has a lot about all sorts of things and here is a listing of the categories, which should give an indication of this:
* Community
* Family Life
* Health Care Reform
* Knitting Therapy
* Mariah
* Mental Illness
* Other Conditions
* Poet, Leonard J. Cirino
* Poet, Pam Wagner
* Politics
* Religion
* Resources

I know I've forgotten other people's blogs, so do write me and I will add them to the list! More later on today.

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Thanks Pam.

Posted by: Alexis at January 9, 2007 02:42 PM

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