January 30, 2007

Response to Bush as the Antichrist

This came in from a friend of mine and I found it expressed many of my own thoughts, but also some fresh ones of her own.

"Well. Pam .... I am very intrigued by this. It seems like those that have spent most of their lives finding all types of ways to "prove"evil and moral corruption is present in our society (and world) today by demonstrating via the words of the Bible have always done this to certain groups of people (ironically contradicting the very words that are in the ten commandments "thou shall not hate, thou shall not kill" [paraphrased]).

"These certain groups of people have suffered much pain and ridicule because of fanatics misusing this abused tome: They are people of color, people who love people of the same sex, people who have been accused of breaking laws and may or may not have been guilty -yet were assumed guilty (a violation of our U.S. Constitution), people who have mental and other illnesses are marginalized by virtue of their alleged differences from "mainstream societal norms", people have been cast out of their communities for debts owed due to lack of finances only to perish in extreme climates when once upon a very long time ago before Christian "ethics" were the overriding moral and ethical code of our country, (continent) -even our world-people would reach out to one and other to help and share resources, Children go without due to poverty and homelessness, and the list goes on and on and on in the name of this book of the "word" of the "good" living and Holy Word of "God" as misinterpreted by many hundreds of years of corrupt people who have used it for ethnic cleansing, political power, and other acts of genocide and monetary gain.

"So, your concept is both ironic and very refreshing to see in this powerful book of words used by so many EVIL men and women against the powerless for so long to control and terrorize all in the "name of God", to demonstrate how the most powerful of our very own country who sees himself as a "Christian man of God" leading this country against "those evil doers" based on his "Christian beliefs" is indeed the most evil man of all - leading us down a path of self destruction and damnation if he is not asked to resign or impeached soon.

"After all what is an antichrist but one who is all the opposite virtues of those that are supposed to be living in the eyes of Gods goodness and practicing his teachings via his words as best as we can considering our mortality.

"The Bible suggests Our purpose is to attempt to live without sin, though, according to what is taught in many Christian faiths, we are born into sin-so we need to do much work in this life to purify our selves -thus there should be no time to do evil- it takes a lot of time to do good for our neighbors, attend our places of worship (where ever we choose to find that place or feel most connected to our God how ever we understand and feel a connection)- charity work, do for our neighbors, family, friends, be good to those who are in need, work hard, take care of our selves (health and wellness), do some praying (if that is how we feel connected best tom our God), ... bottom line ... lots of work -no time for the corruption unless you are basically focused on evil as is "W" and the many others who have way too much power and control and the audacity to say they speak for us all.

"You made a very good argument. I see the connection.

"He is leading us exactly where "THE EVIL DOERS" he so loves to make a point of reminding us of each time he opens his mouth were taking us that very day in September 2001. He is no different and is more of a Terrorist than they were. Terrorism is not the actual act of the horrors that occurred that day. It is more about the events that followed after and to this very day we are writing now. It is the psychological after math that he continues to perpetuate -the fear that he continues to help keep alive and well inside most Americans and world citizens about the "WHAT IF".

"Terrorism is not about actual events necessarily, it is about the fear of what if that is inside a person or a society. OKLAHOMA city bombing never resonated for political gain to exploitation of those people whose lives were lost like this horrible event still does. It was not continuously bombarding us with visual horrors and daily media bursts of political propaganda.

"Even though the magnitude was not the same and we did not actually see the event happen we were not under siege by the leadership in our country who did not hold us hostage by his sociopathic power like we have now. Had that been the same person then as we have now.... we would have been under the power of our own fear of "what if" day-in-day out as we continuously live now (it is the intent now at least)

"Anyway -I have digressed somewhat, but I did like where you went in you referencing the antichrist. I would be fascinated to see who the bible-thumping fanatics in the bible belt would see your thoughts as they never seem to see anything but what they wish to ban, boycott, or politically control when its convenient. Funny how the bible seems to fit any given occasion and political agenda -

"Never seems to fit the truth though does it?


Posted by pamwagg at January 30, 2007 08:39 PM


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