April 02, 2007

Second necklace

Second necklace.jpg

This is actually the single most time-consuming necklace (approx 27") I have made yet. First I linked the beads on the round part together, which as usual took its own time. Then I had the humongous task of using that "stitch" I wrote about to make 1 inch chains, about 2 dozen of them (each chain taking 3 "stitches" or links). That took forever, I'll tell you, and was not fun, though of course all of it is fun or I wouldn't do it. Then I had to hook each chain to the main necklace, so that it looked like a frill going around the outside. This too was made on my own, my design and just for fun. I love this one and may not part with it because there are a lot of rough edges that I do not have a good file to smooth down and also because it simply took too long to sell for a mere $15, which is my standard price.

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