April 02, 2007

Handmade pendant and chain

Blue medall.jpg

This wire is made of stainless steel, but is very similar to silver both in appearance and price (!). Better than silver in one aspect, it doesn't tarnish and is a lot stronger. Most of our jewelry up to this point has been made of "craft wire" which is largely copper wire coated with a colored nylon to simulate various different metals -- silver, gold, and other less natural hues. Most of my jewelry is made of this wire, which nonetheless is quite serviceable and looks fine, though it probably won't hold up all that well over the years. (A warning to those who might want to buy it. You are welcome to, but I can't exactly guarantee it will last ten, twenty years!) This one necklace is combined steel and silver, and hence just might last, though it is very delicate. The rectangular pendant looks crooked because it has been placed at an angle and since it is composed of linked loops it necessarily deforms. Hung around someone's neck in the right position, it will look like a proper rectangle.

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