April 26, 2008


Thanks for the comments. I did talk with Dr O and she pointed out that Stop and Shops do not have security guards in the first place, and certainly not young women with two dogs and walkie-talkies. She said that the spies were most likely shoppers and that I probably scared them but what really scared me most is that she observed that had any of them really been worried about my behavior they might have gone to a store manager and had him or her call 911, with predictable consequences -- EMTs or police and a trip to the hospital. I would so want to avoid that! But it never occurred to me to doubt any of my experience, not at the time. Even now, thinking back on it, it still feels like reality, though I can think it through another person's eyes and see how they might see it differently. But my feelings are still that the "shoppers" were spies, just dressed like shoppers. The one truly felt insight I do have is that I can fully understand that Stop and Shop does not have security guards, that is a fact. So the teenaged girls must have been talking to one another, as girls tend to do. They weren't communicating to the store then, even if they were talking about me. The girl may have been miffed about me, and telling her friend about it, but they were not telling the store about it...I dunno what to think about what happened inside the store, except to try to believe what Dr O and you guys tell me: that the spies were just shoppers, and that I was the one actively scaring people, not the other way around.

I went shopping today again, but this time at a different store and with Josephine. It went a lot better. No trouble at all, in fact. I usually am fine as long as I am with someone else and they stick close by as Josephine did. If she had wandered, I would have been at risk, but she didn't.

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