November 28, 2005

Still recuperating

Sorry for my long silence but a number of things have been going on, first of all that I'm exhausted after the book tour and can't seem to get my energy back, or haven't yet...I barely answer e-mails, though I've started to, slowly, and do very little else but listen to recorded books, the only way I can read...which brings me to the second problem, being worked on, which is that I have severe double vision much of the morning and during exercise. Have since February so we know there's some offendiong medication. The problem is to find which one and see if the problem can be mitigated by eliminating the drug without causing a setback. Luckily, it looks like that may be possible, that the olfactory hallucinations I was having are now gone, and this medication can be stopped!

I promise to return with my usual scintillating essays about the world of schizophrenia (ha ha) but for now, forgive me if I need more rest, for me and for my eyes. I've thought of serializing a short story here. That wouldn't be hard and it would at least break up the empty pages...I do have a fun one that Paula, my hardest and most supportive critic liked a lot...I'll think about it. BTW, she's in a lot of physical pain right now, so anyone who wants to wish her well may do so at my comments section. See ya soon.

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