January 29, 2004


Iron Maiden has always been there, strummin, drummin, and singin in my mind all these years. I had stopped listening to it after I started on my medication, coz I was afraid of the mission I had to fulfill again. I didn't want to go back there, back in the field. Once I got to know that I had schizophrenia, which was more than a year after being on meds, I listened to Iron Maiden once again, and the thing that caught my mind was the lyrics, and the way they actually implied to me now more than what I had to tell others, make others realize...

For example, Futureal was one song that sang about me, that I sang, and questioned others, talked to others, told others about what I felt, about the truth that I knew, about what I could see and hear as the lyrics and I posed the questions to them... And it made me laugh that this was my life that Iron Maiden was singing as I had believed earlier, the only difference now being that I had to answer those questions myself, those questions were for me...read on to know...futureal...

I'm running out of my time
I'm running out of breath
And now it's getting so
I can't sleep at night
In the day, feel like death

I'm getting in far too deep
I feel them closing in
I've got to say that I'm scared
I know they'll win
Even so, I'm prepared

Do you believe, what you hear?
Can you believe, what you see?
Do you believe, what you feel?
Can you believe?

What is real ?
What is real ?

Whenever anyone seems
to treat me like a freak
It makes me see I'm the
only one who feels
That I know what is real

Sometimes it feels like a game
of deadly hide and seek
And when you're reading this
then I'll be gone
Maybe then, you will see...

Posted by puzli at January 29, 2004 11:05 AM


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